Friday, July 2, 2010

SystemVerilog OVM’s apply_config_settings – why & were?

Arayik Babayan, a friend of mine from Armenia asked me what is the use of “apply_config_settings” in OVM. As you may be aware SystemVerilog is a flexible language that can be used for building highly configurable and scalable verification environments. OVM adds a great deal of capabilities on top of plain “system verilog” to make it lot easier to handle that task. One of them is the configuration interface mechanism – usually we use set_config* and get_config* stuff. Internally OVM’s build() takes care of “applying” these settings. automatically usually. What if you want to change few settings across the env after the build? That’s when you use this apply_config_settings explicitly – it internally calls the set_*local for modified settings and viola – you are ready to go!

That’s “advanced OVM” for this week!


Enjoy OVMing..