Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Certificate course on SystemVerilog Assertions …Language + Lab + Mini-project

Certificate course on SystemVerilog Assertions

…Language + Lab + Mini-project

CVC is announcing a new session of its popular 2-day certificate course on SsystemVerilog Assertions (ABV_SVA) covering SystemVerilog Assertions in depth. Broadly it covers the following topics:

  • ABV Introduction
  • SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA)
  • Project – develop a real life Protocol IP (PIP) with SVA

Course contents: http://www.cvcblr.com/trng_profiles/CVC_LG_SVA_profile.pdf


Here is a detailed breakdown of the course with duration. Note that we have a “mini project” tightly embedded in the course that helps in mastering topics learned so far in the course. This is on top of the regular labs that are part of the training.





SystemVerilog Assertions

1.5 days

July 13

July 14

Mini Project II

0.5 day

July 14

July 14


July 13, 14 at Bangalore

To attend this class, confirm your registration by sending an email to training @ cvcblr.com

Ph: +91-9916176014, +91-80-42134156

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